In my career of Master wine taster I have been able to encounter a bottle of wine which arrives to mark your
reference's list. If one has never tasted the best wines in the world, from a good vintage and under good taste
conditions, he will always miss the head or the top on his scale of values, preventing him from evaluating
high-class wines at their just value. Being ignorant what is the taste of a perfect wine, well aged and well
served, he could always think that a better wine will cross his way some day. He should be aware that he holds
the best of the best in his hand. On the bottom of the scale it is useful to know what is undrinkable, at least to
protect his healthiness.

On this page I let you discover the bottles (There are no good wines, there are just good bottles) that have
taken part in the formation of my scale of values of wine tasting.
My best bottles
This champagne Bollinger R.D. is the best
champagne that I ever drunk. It is a rare vintage and
very vigorous. Bollinger starts with a great vintage
and assembled in order to be matured longer in
cellar. The producer mentions the exact date of
"disgorgement". The wine is fruitiest when consumed
quickly after the disgorgement, but it can also age
easily. The proof is this "the Best Bottle" vintage
1961, disgorged on February the 23rd, 1973 and
consumed May the 24rd, 1985.
Romanée-Conti 1969. This "Best Bottle" wine of
Burgundy, Pinot Noir, best soil in Vosne
Romanée, is an appellation one itself and a
Great Vintage. This bottle carries the number
191. In this wine, greatness, complexity of
flavours, control and harmony for substances,
suave virility, is here carried out to such level of
perfection that it fully deserves his classification
all on top of "Best Bottles".

This wine is very rare, The domain seldom
sells cases filled exclusively with Romané Conti, it
is difficult to acquire and often awfully expensive.
At the restaurant count 2.500 € for a good more
recent vintage. Having tasted this wine, be it only
once in lifetime, is for much aspirant wine lovers
a dream, not always fulfilled.
La Tache 1959. The second wine of the Domain
Romanée Conti, is also "Best Bottle" in all its
senses. He is a little less female than Romanée
Conti, more virile and less suave. But it must be
said, that according to different vintages, they
may approach or distance themselves, even La
Tache may surpass La Romanée-Conti. This
tasted bottle 1959 uncorked in 1985 was nothing
less than one of the best in my career as a taster
Another "Best Bottle" is Pétrus.
The vintages 1973, 1971, 1961, 1966,
1955 Magnum, 1955 bottle, have been
served at my home for my best friends.
(Notice don't say Château Pétrus but
simply Pétrus)

Since 1925 Mrs. Loubat, took shares
in the property. About twenty years
later (1950) she remains the single
owner. She couldn't admit nor
understanding that wines of Medoc,
sells more expensive than Pomerol and
in particular his own wine, she did
everything to take advantage of that
promising soil. A few decades later the
myth was born. In 1961, Mrs. Lacoste
and Mr. Lignac, niece and nephew of
Mrs. Loubat, inherit the vineyard.

More recently, Jean-Pierre Moueix,
trader and traditional partner of the
Castle, purchased the shares of Mr.
Lignac and with Mrs. Lacoste directs
the property. Christian Moueix, his son,
continues the efforts of his father.

A good bottle of Pétrus well aged
and well-preserved is one appellation
on his self. In nothing comparable with
the Medoc and the Graves. The Merlot
grape is here brought to its essence. It
should be admitted that the vineyard
and his parcels belongs to a plane in
order to obtain the best possible wine
from it. There are parcels with vines of
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years old. All
these parcels are collected and
processed separately. In addition, the
small percentage of Frank Cabernet
(5%). With these material the artists
engineers will assemble and build the
new vintage, before bottling.

The, "best bottle" you don't doubt
about these, are twins, not to say
triplets. Let us put the 1955 magnum
on the first rank, then the 1966,
followed by the 1961.

Petrus 1966 uncorked in June 1975.
What to say to this silky wine somewhat
rustic. That he is the dreamed
companion for a dish with black truffles.
He will find his fully expression on this
delicious dish that is a soup with
truffles. Still a little reserved, but in a
few years it makes a fantastic Petrus.
Knokke, Le Zoute, dinning at the restaurant
"Ter Dycken" in 1970 I decide to taste a bottle of
Volnay 1964"La Pousse d'or" premier cru. The
wine waiter shows me the bottle and pours a little
bite wine in my glass. Without delay this wine
explodes in my nose with all the force of a Pinot
Noir macerated in a heap red fruits. This wine
caused a trip to Beaune for a rapid visit too
Gerard Potel, the wine maker of the domain, in
order to learn more about this extraordinary wine
and its domain "la Pousse d'Or". During years I
drank this wine each time I found a bottle on the
wine list. Once the 64 exhausted, the 66 and the
69 where there to replace him. Later this
splendid wine embarked for a voyage into the
unknown. Gerard had to change the name of its
vineyard into "La Bousse d'Or" following a
complaint of the land register. The vineyard now
named "La Bousse D'Or" and the Domain "la
Pousse d'Or". Grape harvests became difficult
and the domain lost a little bit the pedals. My
friend Jacques Pirard, who distributed the wines
in Belgium, did also not know more about it and
had to remove the wines from his catalogue.
Gerard, so much respected by me, lost finally his
life because of a heart attack. Rumours say the
domain is again on the rails and produce again
these marvellous wines as before. Concluding,
never again a wine with that texture of red fruits
and the elegance of a fine Volnay has crossed
my way.
Château Ausone
Dédicace de Mme
CH. Ausone 1962. Uncorked in 1973.
At the time of a passage at Marcel
Kreusch (+1982) in his Villa Lorraine in
Brussels, where service still was done
with white gloves. With a saddle of lamb,
we decide to order a bottle Ausone
1962. I was aware of the shortcomings
of this vintage, being qualified als
"jealous", this means some wines tasted
fairly good, others disappointing. The
phenomenon is caused by rainy grape
harvest. Those that renter the grapes
before the rains, were favoured. Our
Ausone 1962 was fantastic, even
fabulous. Dark robe, slightly brown,
open nose and quite ripe, with a vinous
spicy bouquet. A sublime fine mouth.
Full, harmonious and extremely long in
mouth. Unique wine.
Guido Mylemans is passionate by wine, master wine taster,
but also a professional of the piano. Its repertory as well
traditional as temporary is enormous. He performs mostly on
anniversary feast or festivities, on meetings and receptions.
Château Margaux 1967 uncorked in
December 1973. 1967 is considered a
light vintage, but these bottle it is a
great wine, concentrated with the
perfume and taste that have only these
noble and prestigious bottles. Still a
young person, but already promising.
Should age easely. To reconsider in
tree years.
Corton Charlemagne 1971 - Louis Latour -
Beaune Burgundy. Opened in July 1974. That
devil vintage 1971! Highest quality in the style
Louis Latour. Pale gold pallet, darker than
usually. The bouquet does not go up slowly, but
strikes the nose with force. Splendid prelude to
tasting. In the mouth a true fireworks that does
not die out. One hour later it was still present in
the mouth. High-class wine, marked by his soil
Corton Charlemagne, round at the beginning,
but then developing strongly with all his forces.
Château Fuissé 1961
uncorked in December
1974 in the castle itself
by M. Vincent Father,
owner at the time.
Beautiful colour gold, still
a little green. Nose
pleasant with some
decomposition of the
smells, still a point of
greenness. An Amazing
mouth, sublime, very full
dying slowly, then
returning to scent the
mouth with flavours of
ripe peaches and
hazelnuts. A natural
acidity already well
Cote de Brouilly Vicomptesse de
Soulier 1947.
At the time of a visit to
this Domaine in 1974 and after having
tasted Brouilly and the Cote de Brouilly
in barrel, it resulted from it that each
barrel of Brouilly or Cote de Brouilly
tasted differently. The Master of wine
cellar explained that before the bottling
was done the wines would be assembled
in order to obtain the best quality

In an alcove a lot of bottles where
spread out over the ground, covered
with moulds and dust. The Master of
wine cellar took one without a look at the
label and poured us a little bit wine in
our glass to taste it. A dark shining
serious wine presented it in the glass. A
closed nose, all in reserve, a mouth of
reduced dens molten fruit. A splendid
sensation for the Gamay grape.
Absolutely ignoring the tasted vintage, I
supposed this very tannin wine being
between 1945 and 1947. I went for the
1945, it came out the 1947! Splendid
result for a bottle of wine that never had
been moved for all of its life.
Montrachet Marquis de Lagiche 1947.
Uncorked in December 1974. These old wine,
aged more than twenty five years in our cellars.
Presented itself with a lack sealed cork, a small
amount of air under the cork, but no traces of
any maderisation or oxygenation. The bouquet
seemed to be a bit in retreat. In the mouth he
revealed itself as ripe without wrinkles, open and
frank body. Great bottle, whit each minute of
aeration it presented new complex flavours. This
bottle survived marvellously and will remain one
of best Montrachets ever tasted.
Château Lafite-Rotschild 1945 uncorked in
June 1975. A remarkable bottle in any case. This
bottle (there was a whole case of it) was slightly
reduced in force, having lost any hardness of
that vintage. Colour still of a superb glare and
light. Unique and sumptuous bouquet, with a
strong long taste, specific to this great wine. In
mouth smooth large development making the tail
of peacock. Reduction of roasted tastes, raised
with reductions of violets and cherries. Probably
the best bottle ever of Pauillac.
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