17 May 2007
Jurade de Saint Emilion. Establishment of Guido
Mylemans by the first jurat Thierry Manoncourt,
owner of the Figeac Castle, Premier Grand Cru A
First Jurat
Thierry Manoncourt
Sight of the D’Yquem Castle in Sauternes. Its
liqueur-like wine is considered the best in the world.
From the left to the right, Mrs. Odette Kahn, chief
writer of the Revue vins de France, Baron Lur de
Saluces, owner of the Castle d’Yquem, Mr. Marcel
Honoré, member of state of the Cercle des amitiés
gastronomique de Bordeaux.
Vinous Memories
Guido Mylemans
Master taster
Wine steward
Musician - Writer Poet
At the entrance of the Castle Chasse-Spleen Cru
Bourgeois supérieur, on the left my friend Robert Goffart,
well up to date wine expert of high-class wines. Of its mouth
"a thread-like wine" (thin wine) "a taste of Russian leather"
(desiccated wine with too much wood taste) – Maria
Maria and Guido Mylemans in front of a grill of beef. This
meat is been used roasted on vine shoots as vine in end of
morning at the time of a visit to a Castle. (We had to wake
up at 6 hours of the morning)
Brotherhood of Bontemps de Sauternes & Barsac.
Guido Mylemans, established as commander. On the left
Guido and at its sides his good friend Jacques Pirard of
Genappe.   The establishment took place in the Castle
Neirac property of Mrs. Tari, sister of Pierre Tari, owner of
the Giscour Castle in Margaux.
Wine Brotherhood of Bontemps des Medocs et des
Graves. Guido Mylemans, established as Commander.
Tasting in family a fabulous bottle PETRUS, with my buddy
George Müller, Chief ** in Austria and owner of the hotel
Crystal **** in Obergurgl
(Tirol). Jean-Pierre Moueix, who I
met on several occasions in Libourne, sand me every year a
case of its rare Petrus.
Guido standing In front of the aeroplane Navajo from his
friend Manfred Lübke at the l’LaGuardia Airport In New
York. This Canadian industrial picked us up in New York for
a flight to Toronto, where he lives. A few months later we
meet again in Bordeaux for a visit of the “Grands Crus”.
View below more pictures from that private visit to the
"Castle" PETRUS.

Manfred, had built a new residence and asked me to assist
him with the constitution of a good cellar and to fill it with a
wide range of High-class wines from Bordeaux and
Burgundy, in the best years. More than two thousand rare
and sumptuous bottles were embarked destination Toronto.
Romanée-Conti of Henry de Villaine, is the most expensive
wine in the world. We were Invited for a taste session in the
cellars, which took a whole morning. With George  Müller,
we passed in review all the wines of the Domain from the
vintage 1969. Our host, being in a good mood, expanded
the taste session with some rare Romanée-Conti bottles of
older vintages. Great moment in my life.
This fabulous tasting didn’t took place with princes or VIP
people. On a Christmas evening, with my father and my
wife, we allowed us to taste these three  bottles from the
Domain of Mr. Henry de Villaine.

Montrachet 1969 is certainly the richest white wine one
can drink. He was accompanied by a slice of wild salmon,
gently smoked in Scotland and some spoons of grey caviar
big grains and moderately salted, napped with a creamy
butter sauce  and some chive.

Both bottles Romanée-Conti were tasted on a supreme of
turkey accompanied by a ragout of truffles in Périgord
A love story for the father of the New French Kitchen.

This father is Fernand Point (1897 – 1955). F. Point started a
restaurant in Vienna (Isere) named "the Pyramid", thus referring to the
monument of the Pyramid in Vienna.

After his death in 1955 his adored wife "Madot" continued the most
famous restaurant of the world. Twenty years later, during a visit at
Chapoutier Père et Fils, we decided to have dinner there.

For the convenience we booked a room in the hotel near to the
restaurant. At the time of my reservation I remembered clearly the
words Madot Point said me, "please Sir take care not to come later than
twenty hours thirty ".

Good we passed there one of the most beautiful moments of our
gastromomical career. I remember the bottle Château Grillet, made
solely with the viognier grape, tasted slowly during the whole evening in
the splendid garden of the restaurant. Great moment also because the
old hotel master, who in former days worked with Fernand himself, Mr.
Vincent. Seeing the pleasure we visible enjoyed, he started to serve us
personally and brought my partner all the small dishes he judged worthy
to satisfy her.

Taste Notes of Château Grillet.
Nose. Plenty of freshness, very open, Viognier flavour.
Colour. Brilliant pale gold full of light.
Mouth. Remarkable taste, almost sumptuous, smoothness. High-class
wine. Freshness and honey coated with floral savours. Spring in bottle.
Very long.

A year later, we planned a new descent in "the Coasts of the Rhone"
and  I wrote a letter  to Madot Point if she could receive us again for a
dinner. I will not hide you the contents of my letter. Letter that Madot
personally answered with the text you can read here on the left side of
this page.
Alain Chapel, Chief at Mionnay, was perhaps the best disciple of Fernand
Point. Not to forgot his buddy’s Paul Bocuse, Collonges and Jean and
Pierre Troisgros, Roanne.

I met Alain by the grace of Ramonet Prudhomme from Chassagne
Montrachet. This old vine grower of small statue, made exceptional wines
(its BATARD MONTRACHET outclassed sometimes the MONTRACHET
himself). He brought me in contact with Alain and we remained friends and
regular customers.

At the time of a visit at his restaurant we remained with him on its terrace,
after dinner, with a bottle of "Clos de Goisses" Champagne Phillipponnat.
He collected memories from his young live, and naturally came to the time
spent at the Pyramid. Alain was gifted, sensitive, poet and  artist.
Unfortunately he deceased too young on a short holiday from a hart
failure, he entrusted us the merits of Fernand giving birth at a lighter
kitchen and more close to the authentic taste of products, he wanted as
fresh as possible. Short cooking times, light sauces, bound with butter,
were invented by Point. Small vegetables were its mark. Backed, cooked or
steamed, always fresh and tasty.

Fernand formed the band of Lyon. This buddy’s went to Paris preaching
there culinary gospel at Lucas Carton and other vestiges. Created by
Fernand Point, the new kitchen was going to take a long fly. The Three
Musketeers (which in truth were at four) Alain Chapel, Paul Bocuse and
Jean and Pierre Troisgros, have, like apostles, carried out their message
in the world. Alain created its famous "Cake of fair livers", Paul had his  
"Soup with black truffles " served to Valerie Giscard d’Estaing at the Elisée,
Jean and Pierre had their "salmon with Sorrel".
« Chère Madame,

, chaque année en septembre, mon épouse et moi, allons visiter nos amis
vignerons. Par la Bourgogne, descendant le Beaujolais, nous irons également à Avignon et à
Vienne. Vienne qui l’année écoulée figurait comme lieu de pèlerinage  gastronomique, ce lieu
sacré étant votre vénérée maison.

Ce soir là, il faisait encore bon, l’air restant tiède à la suite d’une journée chaude. En
franchissant l’entrée, qui donne sur votre maison, nous vîmes un décor si beau et charmant, ou,
parmi les convives entourés d’arbustes, fleurs, et lumières s’affairait votre personnel dans une
tranquillité reposante. Nous savions la passion que voua  Monsieur Point pour son Jardin.

Le bonheur qui nous remplit au fur et à mesure qu’arrivaient les préparation différentes, nous
est restés jusqu’à ce jour, nous laissant le souvenir d’un soir ou notre âme s’embauma des
saveurs et arômes des mets, ou nous nous sentions très heureux.

J’ai un souvenir vif de vos mots d’au revoir et de votre « MERCI ». Ce merci moi je vous le
devais, à vous, pour le fait que vous et votre œuvre restent là et qu’il nous ait donnés de nous y
restaurer. Bien qu’il vous ait été dit mille fois, la qualité de votre maison est si exceptionnelle, que
je n’ais pu me retenir de vous l’exprimer dans cette lettre.

Tout ceci en prélude d’une réservation pourrait sembler un peut baroque. Il est pourtant d’une
profonde sincérité. Puis-je vous demander la réservation pour quatre personnes le soir du cinq
septembre prochain vers vingt heures.

En attendant de recevoir votre confirmation, je vous présente Madame Point, l’expression de mes
sentiments hautement distingués.
« .

Signé Guido Mylemans
Maria and Guido Mylemans in front of the restaurant "La Mère
Charles” entrance. It’s here that Alain Chapel rose to the top of the
French gastronomy and it’s also here that the true new kitchen was
born. This fine kitchen, tasty, light, based on fresh products, treated
with respect during short cooking sessions. The mystery was found in
the absolutely and diversified new sauces bases, in contrast with l’
espagnole omnipresent in former kitchens. By a meticulous reduction
of cooking juices and butter pomade adjunction  (thicken a sauce with
butter of F.Point), new light sauces were born.

One morning in Alain’s kitchen, I have seen ten bottles of
champagne emptied in a pot to make a reduction, necessary to the
composition of sauces with champagne.
To celebrate a birthday, mine, and how important in my life, the above wines were offered to the guests. What we have eaten is unimportant but
the tasted wines remained in our memory. The bottle number 00191 of Romanée-Conti of vintage1969 is a culminating point in my oenological

There are no tasting notes of, Why? Simply because they where not necessary!
From left to right Guido Mylemans, Robert Goffard, the
Master wine taster and Maria Mylemans
Be received at the Pétrus Castle, for a private and guided visit of the vineyard, tanks,
cellars and a thorough tasting of the wine out of tank, barrels and bottles, of several
vintages, holds of the miracle. But thanks to my good relations with the owner Jean-Pierre
Moueix, the appointment was taken by telephone a few days in advance. We were received
royally. A luxury car, three times lengthened, arrived during our visit. Sheikhs
or emirs left there but were not allowed to join our small group. They did not have
an appointment.
My cellar book. started in June 1973. You can read here that my passion for
high-class wines changed somewhat my habits, forsaking the restaurant for the
family table tasting the wines for which I had to move so much. I also wrote “After
the efforts made to find these sought wines, it seems to me that it was not so
difficult after all. But my emotion was not less great, unpacking the very rare
Romanée-Conti or Montrachet from here case.
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