You find here most used Chords in the jazz music
Eb / Eb6 / Eb7 / Eb7M / Eb9b / Eb9 / Eb11 / Ebdim / Eb+5
Ebm / Ebm6 / Ebm7 / Ebm7M / Ebm9b / Ebm9 / Ebm11 / Ebsus4 / Eb-5
An chord diagram which contains all alternatives in all tone ladders of the twelve-tone system is
particularly useful to consult. There are few musicians or piano players who know all these variations from
the head.

Should one encounter in a music sheet a chord in the genre of A#m9b then it may be useful to have the
opportunity to look up the exact way such exotic chord should be played.

Every professional piano player, which respect himself, will incorporate models in its daily exercises of
these chord diagrams to practice them, to get the essential knowledge to play in concerts and
improvisations the chords the composer hat in mind. This will help him to master the exact positions on the
piano keyboard.

We advise starters and advanced piano players to practice on a daily base these Chords. It will make
their performance only richer and fuller.

Together with feeling for blues notes and harmonious tensions the serious pianist will be able to
develop his performance into a captivating act for the listener.
Jazz Chords Diagram
C - C# - Db - D - D# - Eb - E - F -  F# - Gb - G - G# - Ab - A - A# - Bb - B
07 Mar 2015
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